Customer collaboration focused success: Agile model for project management

Pn Automation utilizes several methodologies when managing projects. When appropriate the Agile methodology for project management and execution is used when customer collaboration is central to the success of the project.

Pn Automation Agile project management focuses on four key values, including:

Customer collaboration
over contract negotiation
Individuals and interactions
over processes andtools
Working software
over comprehensive documentation
Responding to change
over following a plan

Which is why Pn Automation uses the Agile methodology whenever appropriate, as the methodology aligns with our customer first culture. When it comes to project execution Pn Automation utilizes SCRUM, an implementation of the Agile methodology. This enables Pn Automation to deliver the business value in the shortest time. SCRUM also advocates project management as a shared value-creation process with teams working and interacting together to deliver the greatest value. Lastly SCRUM allows Pn Automation to focus on iterative development, focused on managing changes and building mobile solutions that satisfy our customer needs.

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