Custom Mobile App Design and Development

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Mitigate the risk: Pn Automation custom development team

Need to develop a mission central mobile application? Let the experienced and diverse team at Pn Automation mitigate the risks often associated with custom mobile application development. The Pn Automation team has the experience, talent, and certifications to ensure a successful custom mobile application project.

  • Our entire team will collaborate with stake holders to plan and design a solution that meets the needs of your user community. As part of the design process we will develop the workflows necessary to fully automate the DevSecOps lifecycle of the project.
  • Our software development team will code and implement technologies and controls to ensure an engaging, secure mobile experience for your user community.
  • Our quality assurance team will test and evaluate the custom mobile application, assuring compliance with user stories, project design and performance parameters.
  • Our project management team will develop and implement a go-live strategy assuring a smooth transition to production. Training will be provided to the necessary parties and support incident resolution procedures will be defined.
  • Our entire team will define a strategy for mobile application deployment through a Google Play, Apple Store, or a mobile device management provider.
  • Our entire Team will provide ongoing support to the user community in addition to solution monitoring ensuring long term success of the custom mobile application.

Let Pn Automation help you.