DevOps / DevSecOps

development security and Operations

Blending of team and process: Development Security and Operations

Pn Automation fully embraces the culture of DevSecOps for project execution. Customer collaboration, workflow design, security and compliance and continuous improvement are an integral part of all Pn Automation team members. All considerations of software development are included in the entire development lifecycle.

Regardless of the applications impact to your mission, all aspects of development, security and operations are blended ensuring the right solution, securely developed, in compliance with defined controls is delivered to you user community. Many of the technical aspects of process execution are fully automated, allowing for a reliable and repeatable DevSecOps lifecycle. The DevSecOps lifecycle of application development is appropriate both the Agile and Waterfall project methodologies and lends itself to the long-term nature of our relationships with our customers.

Let Pn Automation help you in realizing all the benefits of a solid DevSecOps strategy. Fully adopting a DevSecOps culture will:

Improve product acceptance

Reduce the cost of development

Secure and protect your application and data

Reduce ongoing maintenance and support costs

Improve your product over its lifespan

Let Pn Automation help you.