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AllDataSearch, the Enterprise Search Platform

AllDataSearch by Pn Automation is the AI based, no code, high-performance, cloud search platform, providing users cognitive search capabilities for organizational digital content. AllDataSearch allows content managers to harness the power of artificial intelligence when searching digital content delivered though APIs and site maps. Using AllDataSearch, content managers can link digital content to cloud based cognitive search, and ranking technologies all without writing any code. AllDataSearch can merge multiple content sources of differing types to a single search result presented to users. With AllDataSearch developers can also export resulting search HTML, Android, and iOS code for seamless inclusion into custom websites and mobile applications. Search Center seamlessly integrates with other Pn Automation products like MUIC. Next time you need to provide your users with a high-performance AI driven search solution consider AllDataSearch by Pn Automation.

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AllDataSearch Development Benefits

  • Plug and play with most common IAM providers.
  • No-code digital content search platform.
  • Easily export AllDataSearch generated HTML, CSS, Android, and iOS code.
  • Reduces demand on technical resources.
  • Multi-platform (iOS, Android, and Web).
  • Reduces cost of adding search capabilities to custom web or mobile applications.
  • Expedites time to market.

AllDataSearch UI/UX Benefits

  • Harness the power of AI with cognitive search technologies.
  • Organizational content weighting technologies.
  • Provides your users with a uniform search experience across all organization websites and mobile applications.
  • Customize cascading style sheets with search center for brand alignment.
  • Provides multiple search result layouts to optimize user experience.

AllDataSearch Operational Benefits

  • Deploy cloud resource directly from AllDataSearch.
  • Allow content managers to link multiple digital content sources to a single search result.
  • Allow content managers to maintain digital contents sources, content weighting, sort, and filtering capabilities without any coding.
  • Allow brand managers to configure search results layout and themes for brand alignment.
  • Integrates with most popular IAM providers.

Robotic Process Automation Benefits

  • NuGet package of UiPath activities allows AllDataSearch users to automate the search configuration and maintenance tasks.
  • Automate the configuration of AllDataSearch instances and feeds with UiPath activities in an automated and repeatable way.
  • Automate linking digital content to AllDataSearch.
  • Automatically notify stakeholders of automation completion and notifications.
  • Use the provided UiPath activities to automate ongoing AllDataSearch maintenance.

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