Risk assessment focused success: Waterfall model for project management

Pn Automation utilizes several methodologies when managing projects. When appropriate the Waterfall methodology for project management and execution is used when linear execution and managing risks is central to the success of the project.

Pn Automation Waterfall project management focuses on the following:

Clearly defining project objectives and expectations
Defining comprehensive project documentation
Following a precise project plan
Meeting customers’ expectations with single deliverable

Often customers do not have the resources to be involved in every step of the project. Pn Automation recognizes and understands the specific needs of these customers. The Waterfall methodology is used in these situations. The investment is made at the beginning of the project to clearly plan and define the project. Once the project is defined the Pn Automation technical team will implement, test, and maintain the project in a manner that aligns with the Pn Automation customer first culture.

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