Robotic Process Automation

Pn Automation has over its entire history focused on process automation in the information technology space. So much so it is even in our name. Pn Automation recently received UiPath Advanced Technology Partner status. This partnership allows Pn Automation to offer customers the next level in Robotic Process Automation solutions. We recently released the UiPath activities package for the AllDataSearch platform, enabling AllDataSearch customers to automate the setup and ongoing maintenance of their AllDataSearch search pages.

Interested in the benefits of Robotic Process Automation? Consider the following candidates for RPA:

• High volume processes.
• Processes that are rule based.
• Error prone processes introduced by humans or manual steps.
• Repetitive tasks.
• Complex processes that are not always properly followed.
• Digital content integration.

Interested in robotic process automation, see our RPA services or contact us.

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