Pn Automation and Kryptowire announce partnership to support Pn Automation’s Secure Rapid Mobile Application Development Platform

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Pn Automation’s Rapid Mobile Application Development Platform, Mobile User Interface Center (MUIC) now supports integration with Kryptowire security scanning. This melding of technologies allows the MUIC to automatically scan mobile applications for security vulnerabilities right from the MUIC platform. This integration further enhances the MUIC platform’s value to users. MUIC now delivers complete automation of mobile application design, development, security vulnerability analysis and deployment.

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MUIC is a Software as a Service platform that allows the users to rapidly develop high performing “No Code” native mobile applications to work on Android and iOS phones and tablets.

MUIC gives the user more power through predefined content specific page layouts, each optimized for specific digital content delivery and real time preview thought the mobile application design process

Reduce the dependence on technical resource when developing mobile applications. Using MUIC is no more complex than developing a presentation. MUIC builds mobile applications that interact with API Gateways, AWS, Azure based endpoints, RESTful Web services or simple JSON or XML based interfaces. Additionally, MUIC allows users to incorporate complex forms in mobile applications to collect information using the mobile devices.

MUIC allows users to implement content delivery though mobile applications more efficiently. MUIC provides predefined templates optimized for specific digital content delivery in additional to dynamic pages that allow mobile application data collection such as surveys or assessments.

Creating a mobile application in MUIC in 3 steps

  • Configure the application wide design
  • Configure the application wide design
  • Configure and preview the content delivery pages
  • Initiate the automated build and deployment process

MUIC development benefits:

  • Design once, deploy to Android, iOS and Web
  • No-code, reduces demand on technical resources
  • Reduce development and support costs
  • Reduce time to market
  • Supports DevOps best practices
  • Continuous Integration (CI)/ Continuous Deployment (CD)
  • Cloning technology

MUIC Branding benefits:

  • Custom onboarding to align with corporate branding
  • Supports brand specific UI/UX.
  • Preview allows focus on, not coding
  • Cloning technology, reduces design effort to align with branding

MUIC Operational benefits:

  • Cloud based, flexibly deployed, FedRAMP or AWS or Azure private cloud
  • High performing, scalable and redundant
  • Manage mobile application software development life cycle (SDLC) from a single interface
  • Automated deployment to MDM, Google Play and/or Apple Store
  • Central technical support for mobile application SDLC
  • End-to-end automation of mobile app life cycle with integrated NIAP compliant security vetting and scoring

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