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President and CEO
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Nitin Baviskar

Mr. Baviskar is a highly seasoned technologist and a senior executive with an impressive track record of over 26 years in serving various U.S. federal government agencies. His extensive experience includes contributions to organizations such as the USAID, US Marine Corps (USMC), US Army, US Navy, US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), DHS ICE, Federal Student Aid (US Department of Education), and more. Throughout his career, spanning over two and a half decades, Mr. Baviskar has successfully overseen the delivery of more than 200 IT solutions. These solutions encompass a wide array of technologies, including mobile, cloud, web, ERP, databases, business intelligence, and other emerging technologies. His expertise and leadership have been instrumental in driving innovation and meeting the diverse technological needs of government agencies.
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"Webflow is the future of website design and front-end, and Elastic Themes helps to shape that future today by creating some great templates."
Denis Pakhaliuk
CEO of Ramotion

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