FDA awards FIRF IDIQ to our Joint Venture Pn-HeiTech

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) awarded our Joint Venture, Pn-HeiTech, the "Contractor-hosted Fully Integrated Records Facility (FIRF)" support services contract. FIRF support services includes processing documents and records material related to scientific advancement and public health issues at the Fully Integrated Records Facility (FIRF). The objectives of this requirement are to 1) standardize records management processes, 2) promote transparency and accountability by better documenting Agency actions and decisions 3) gradually move to a 100% electronic environment for new submissions, 4) implement and promote operational efficiencies, and 5) implement and promote cost efficiencies.

On this contract, our team is performing the services related to several document control and records related activities throughout FDA performed at the our facility, including receiving, processing, inventorying, scanning services, disposing of documents and records materials, cataloguing, and storage of documents and materials.

About Our Joint Venture:

PN-HeiTech, LLC, the prime contractor, is a Joint Venture (JV) formed under the SBA’s approved mentor-protégé program.  The JV is comprised of PN Automation (Protégé and Managing Partner) and HeiTech Services (Mentor and Venturer Partner).

About Pn Automation (JV Managing Partner):

Founded in 2004, PN Automation is the well-known and reputed technology solutions integrator/provider specialized in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enterprise mobile and web based systems, databases, content/document management systems, records management, with 15+ years of experience spanning across commercial and federal government domains in all phases of life cycle systems development, including: planning, design, development, implementation, testing and support to assure success of this project. PN Automation understands the critical role good mobile apps play in enabling decision makers to solve problems and make critical decisions in a timely manner. Consequently, PN Automation provides comprehensive decision support tools supported by the development, implementation and maintenance of dashboards and reports designed to provide decision makers with timely and actionable information for use in making strategic and tactical decisions related to complex projects and tasks.

About HeiTech Services (JV Venturer Partner):

HeiTech Services, Inc. is a Federal Government solutions provider focused on keeping Americans safe through the delivery of performance improvement, regulatory compliance, technology-based engagement and operations support solutions. We approach each opportunity with a proven, metrics-based approach based solely on each of our customers’ unique expectations. We are imaginative thinkers devoted to resolving problems and optimizing performance to deliver value and gratification to our customers.


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