The US Navy Mobile Application

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Pn Automation is excited and proud to develop the US Navy Mobile Application.

In A Nutshell

The US Navy Mobile Application Organizes and presents Information to the Navy in a new and exciting way. The US Navy can now view their News, Social, Photo, Video, Naval Directory(Now Digital Directory), (and more..) Information on a mobile platform that reflects, extends and adds onto the information from Navy and Allhands.

On the Mobile Application, Users can locate information relevant to them, favorite or share that information, or simply browse and explore as needed.

The Dial Menu

The Dial menu is slide up menu that was designed with the thought of the Helm of a ship in mind in order to preserve a theme that reflects what is familiar to users from the Navy. Our goal in this was to provide to the Navy something that feels like it's created for Navy Users, in order for the user experience to make them feel at home. The result of the Dial menu, in addition to the Navy Blue theme throughout the application was a combination that represents our commitment to that goal.


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