Pn Automation meets an important milestone at the USAID to deliver Global Health Surveys solution

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Pn Automation is excited and proud to say that we have successfully delivered a mobile solution called as "Global Health Surveys (GHSurveys)" to United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Following Agile Scrum practices and DevOps and DevSecOps value streams, Pn Automation has been engaged with USAID to develop a mobile and web solution called as “Global Health Surveys”. PN Automation takes pride in being a prime contractor to design, develop and implement this mission critical solution for USAID.

About Global Health Surveys

GH Surveys is a mobile solution to facilitate the collection, analysis, and reporting of Site Improvement through Monitoring System (SIMS) data in support of USAID’s efforts under the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). The solution is mission-critical, enterprise in scope and both CONUS & OCONUS.

The state-of-the-art automated solution  replaced  the Global Health SIMS Mobile Application (GHSMA) application and is a USAID branded solution that consists  of multiple components/modules high-performing technical architecture (mobile, web/cloud, databases, and APIs) that offers high availability  and scalability and with user friendly interfaces (UI) delivering a user friendly experience (UX) to all users, including those who are non-technical. GHSurveys application facilitates SIMS data collection which supports and enables analysis and reporting of SIMS data via USAID’s AIDNET platform. The data collected is further used by Tableau based analytics. GH Surveys is available to work on iOS (iPad) and installed from VMWare AirWatch MDM for GFE Devices and from BlackBerry UEM for Non-GFE Devices. GHSurveys has a dedicated web-based Assessment Content Management System (A/CMS) that is hosted in a FedRamp Certified AWS cloud environment. GHSurveys has the capability to function in an Offline, Online and Hybrid mode.

USAID GHSurveys Mobile Solution

Technological Convergence

Prima facia, Global Health Surveys mobile solution is designed very meticulously to appear simplistic and user friendly. However, a lot goes on in the background and in the cloud for this mobile solution to function so well. Lot of technology advances are leveraged to make complex technology components to work in harmony to achieve a PEPFAR mission. Rapid Application Development Platform, is used to build mobile solution that interacts with the cloud using AWS API gateway where the data payload is not merely some text but encrypted JSON which is churned and managed in a server-less database eventually making its way into Data Analytics platform based on Tableau. All this happens in fraction of seconds. The data at rest and in transit is always encrypted using the best encryption algorithm. Additionally, we leverage app vetting and app defense tools from the industry leaders like Nessus Tenable, Kryptowire and Lookout as extra layer of security. The application is deployed using AirWatch MDM BlackBerry UEM.

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