The US Marines use Pn Automation's mobile product to track their PFT/CFT progress

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Pn Automation is excited and proud to say that the US Marines use Pn Automation's mobile product to track their PFT/CFT progress.

Set PFT/CFT Goal screen from MarinesMobile


The Marine Corps PFT is a standard test that measures the battle-readiness of each Marine once a year, with a focus on stamina and physical conditioning.

The test includes three events:
• Pull-ups or push-ups
• Crunches or plank pose
• Three-mile run

Marines are assessed on a points system across these three categories and must receive a high enough score to pass the Marine PT test.


The CFT assesses a Marine’s functional fitness where males and females perform the same exercises but are scored differently on the same 300-point scale.

There are three exercises that must be completed to the standards of the Marine Corps to pass the CFT:
• Movement to Contact
• Ammunition Lift
• Maneuver Under Fire

About MarinesMobile

MarinesMobile is a custom mobile app developed by Pn Automation for the US Marine Corps. It is the official mobile app of the US Marine Corps. The app facilitates for the users’ habitual use and consumption of multiple media content types, including news, photos, videos, press releases, messages, Orders & Directives and social assets (like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and Instagram). Furthermore, this app effectively utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT) technology advances to automate Combat Fitness Test (CFT) and Physical Fitness Test (PFT). The application uses IoT devices like smart watches (FitBit, JawBone, Apple Watch, Android Watch and other fitness trackers) to collect fitness information via the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to calculate CFT and PFT score, class and fitness activity keep an accounting of the tests they have taken, their scores, and how they compare to other Marine app users.

The app is also supported on another type of IoT devices – Smart TVs. Currently, the application is available on AppleTV, Roku TV, Amazon FireTV, AndroidTV and Samsung Tizen TV OS. The Marines are in process of extending deployment of this app to up to 250,000 active duty Marines. It is also available to Marine Reserves, Retired Marines, former Marines, prospective Marines, the extended Marine Corps family and the general public. The app is designed to get the message of the Commandant out to the major audiences the Marine Corps is trying to reach.  

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